Medical negligence

Medical negligence

Medical practitioners cannot be held accountable for unforeseen complications as a result of unavoidable treatments. But they are accountable when either by act or omission they provide sub-standard treatment. This applies to all health service providers.

We act as attorneys for the plaintiff in medical negligence cases. If you think that you’ve suffered harm as a result of negligent medical treatment, we’ll assess your case and represent you in court.

Since conditions resulting from medical negligence or medical malpractice cannot be reversed, compensation usually takes the form of a monetary award for the damages claimed.

We will ensure that your case is presented in a fair and equitable manner, with the aim to recover medical expenses and loss of income, and to obtain compensation for pain and suffering.

When a medical treatment results in a negative consequence that could have been prevented, it’s called medical negligence.

When a medical professional provides treatment that falls below the accepted standard of practice and results in personal injury to a patient, it’s called medical malpractice.