Deceased estates

Deceased estates

Estate planning

Estate planning goes hand-in-hand with tax planning to structure a person’s affairs, usually at the time when they are preparing their will. We will create structures that focus on asset protection and estate duty minimisation.

Drafting of wills

We ensure that your will is drafted to reflect your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets. Furthermore, we’ll make sure that it’s drafted in a tax efficient manner to provide financial benefits and maximise permitted deductions.


Trusts provide asset protection and can be set up as part of a person’s will to look after the interests of the beneficiaries.

Administration of deceased estates

This involves all legal issues arising from a person’s death. Determination, validation and valuation of assets and liabilities, the winding up of the deceased’s affairs, resolution of creditors’ claims, and the distribution of the remaining assets to the beneficiaries as per the deceased’s last will and testament.